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How to take High Hawaiians Magic truffles ?

First of all, there is an unwritten rule that says that Hawaiians are magic truffles only for veteran psychonauts, mostly because they are such a strong variety, so if it’s your first time experimenting with magic truffles, we recommend that you select another variety.  Did we mention that this truffle is NOT for beginners?  We mean it, really, take us seriously. Also important is the minimum legal age to take these truffles , in the Netherlands it’s18 years, however, just to be on the safe side, we recommend it to those who are  21 years or older.

If you’re an experienced psychonaut and your mind is made up about trying High Hawaiians, here is all the basic information you must consider:

Start wit a low dose

High Hawaiians packages contain 22 grams and a normal dose to start is around 8 grams. Before increasing your dose we recommend that you keep it low so as to verify what effects they have on your body.

Eat Raw and on empty stomach

The best and most natural way to take High Hawaiians is chewing them raw. The taste can be a bit strong and earthy, nevertheless,  this method will ensure that you preserve the power of the truffle. Truffles should not be cooked or mixed with food, but if you can’t stand the taste, why not make a good tea or event throw them in a cool shake?

Chewing the truffles can produce nauseous feelings for some. The best way to diminish this possibility is to break the truffle into small pieces and chew each piece one at the time, slowly but surely.  Depending on how small, you can suck on them like candy and simply let them get absorbed by your organism.

The experience will be significantly more intense if it is consumed on an empty stomach.

How to store your magic truffles?

If you’re not using all of the 22 grams in the package, you can store the remaining truffles in the fridge. The best temperature is 2º-8º Celsius. DO NOT freeze the truffles or they will lose all their strength.


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