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EQUADOR YOSTERIZZII This strain came from Mushroom troll. He gave the following description.
Psilocybe cubensis ecuadorian var.

Yosterizii it has a very noticeable wood grain and linear line on the cap some are w/out annulus. It took about 3 years to develop it, and it is a repeating flusher (if you keep your incubator free from parasite you will get a flush every 2 weeks for about 6 month, this strain does not require a casing but is a must for repeated flush.

(I usually lay perlite at the bottom 2 inch and add 1 inch of water that is presterilize, lay a 1/4 inch of colonize grain over it and then cover with 1 inch of peat moss. (The peat moss is watered to the point were only a few drops of water is running between my fingers and then sterilize.)


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